12 Catholics To Watch in 2012: Ryan Bristol


Raised in a Catholic household with thirteen years of parochial Catholic school, Ryan Bristol believes Catholicism is a way of life in the principles he follows on a personal level – and how he raises his children now that he’s a father.

Catholic People Magazine Ryan Bristol

Ryan Bristol & daughter

“In my professional life it has enabled me to surround myself with people who have a similar philosophy and in my family life it helps me be an example to my kids. If an organization I want to support is associated with the Catholic Church then I know my effort is focused in the right area.”

As Vice President of Bernstein Global Wealth Management, Ryan works with individuals, companies and non-profits to help them plan and manage their finances. “By and large the business world is not an environment driven by Catholic principles or any religious principles for that matter,” he said. “Being Catholic in my professional life causes me to consider my Catholic principles in the way I conduct myself and who I choose to work with on a professional level. By being selective in the quality of people I surround myself with in the work environment, I am enabled to be a better Catholic and make a bigger difference.”

Looking back on his life so far, Ryan said “there are a number of people I have encountered who don’t hold themselves to a higher standard. If Catholicism was not a guiding force in my life I would not have the examples for living an exemplary life and my entire belief system could be very, very different.”

Catholic People Magazine Ryan Bristol

VP of Bernstein Global Wealth Management Ryan Bristol

As a Catholic to Watch in 2012, his goal “is to do more to help people who have a difficult time helping themselves. To be more specific, I want to think big to make an impact in the areas of poverty and education. Through financial literacy I am able to help those in poverty seek a better life. Education is a very different challenge, but it is crucial to our ability to compete and be relevant in the future.”

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