12 Catholics to Watch in 2012: Sister Christine Bowman

For Sister Christine Bowman, Catholicism is a way to live the Gospel as St. Francis would have done – and a way to model the values of the Franciscan way of life. “It is an integral part of who I am and whatever I do.”

Catholic People Magazine Sister Christine Bowman

Sister Christine Bowman

A Franciscan Sister of the Sacred Heart since 1969, she has lived a full life in the convent. “I wanted to be a Sister before I wanted to be a Catholic. It wasn’t until later that I understood that my religious commitment by the vows I profess were really an intensification of my Baptismal consecration.” Today, “I have great happiness and peace living out my vocation.”

While her mother and siblings were supportive, her father was initially bitterly opposed to her vocation in the church, “which caused a division in our family and he disowned me for a while.” However “I knew in my heart with utter certainty that this was my call in life. Through the years my father mellowed so that by the time he died, you would have thought my being a Franciscan Sister was his idea!”

Catholicism and the convent “were one in the same. The convent led me to Catholicism and in another way Catholicism led me to the convent. I do, however, have great respect and appreciation for the different religions.”

From “My twin and I studied different religions before finally becoming Catholic. There were a variety exposure to different faiths in our family and friends: Methodist, Mormon, Quaker, Lutheran, and even Jewish. The ecumenism that marked my formative years is part of the beauty of my life today.”

Catholic People Magazine Sister Christine Bowman

Sister Christine on stage at the Catholic Comedy Night at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood.

As a Catholic to watch in 2012, Sister Christine will continue to immerse herself in service to others through her ministry at St. Anne’s, developing support for young women, children and families, Rotary service projects, visiting the sick and administering the Blessed Sacrament in Holy Communion. “I will continue to deepen my prayer life and embrace with joy the challenges God sends as I encounter the sacred in my midst.”