12 Catholics To Watch in 2012: William Shaw


For William A. Shaw being a Catholic has provided a structure for his entire life.

Catholic People Magazine William Shaw

William A. Shaw

“I began my professional life as a lawyer and the moral grounding provided by my faith was all important as a criminal prosecutor and later in the general practice of law. After I left the practice of law to become a real estate developer and real estate investor, my faith sustained me
during good and bad times.”

The Catholic Church has also played a crucial role in his family life.

“The sharing of the Catholic faith as a family has guided our marriage and guided the raising of our two daughters. It has provided our daughters with the proper philosophy with which to lead a good life and has given them a moral foundation for their development as good children, good citizens, good students and good friends to their peers.”

Catholic People Magazine William Shaw

Bill and John Lockhart share a laugh at Catholic Comedy Night at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood in November.

Looking back on his life, Shaw believes that “God has blessed me in so many ways, I was raised in a devoted Catholic family and I have been blessed with a wonderful Catholic wife and children and have been allowed by God to pass this wonderful Catholic faith on to our daughters. I pray that they will retain their faith throughout their lives and pass on the Catholic faith to those who follow.”

As a Catholic to Watch in 2012, Bill looks forward to his continued participation in many Catholic organizations that allow him to give back for all his many blessings. He looks forward to his oldest daughter, Catherine, going off to college and his youngest daughter, Genevieve, competing
her high school years. Bill also prays for the continued success of his business, Roxbury Properties.

Catholic People Magazine William Shaw

The Shaw Family at the Queen of Angels Foundation’s Grand Marian Procession. Daughters Genevive, Katherine, Bill and wife Debra.

“I am closer to the end than to the beginning of my life and I pray that my faith will lead me to eternal life with my family.”

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