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12 Catholics To Watch in 2012: Father Edward Siebert


For Father Edward “Eddie” Siebert, it’s always a pleasure working with Catholic and Jesuit organizations because there’s sense of trust and knowing that their goals are common and united. “So, together we are all making a real difference in the world.” Catholicism “gives all of us…a sense of belonging to Christ and using his graces to help others find their own spiritual identity in a very challenging world.”

Catholic People Magazine Father Edward Siebert

Father Edward Siebert

As the CEO of Loyola Productions, Inc. – a nonprofit media company that builds on the Jesuit tradition of effective involvement in the communication arts – “I want to make an impact, in our community, our nation, our world. I’d like Loyola Productions, Inc. to become the go to place for thinking Catholics – people who are interested in quality media, excellent resources on spirituality, inspiring stories. Catholics quite often share a sense of social justice, and within that view, I can use Loyola Productions to bring attention to various causes.”

His interest in film has allowed him to express his faith through some relatively cutting edge material. “It’s a fine line I walk between mainstream entertainment and spiritually empowering content. As a Jesuit priest, I am fortunate enough to be working pastorally as a filmmaker and combine my love for service with my desire to work in the media.”

Catholic People Magazine Father Edward Siebert

Father Edward Siebert, CEO of Loyola Productions, Inc., a nonprofit media company that builds on the Jesuit tradition of effective involvement in the communication arts.

As a Catholic to watch in 2012, “I will continue to search for God in all things. It is through this willingness to be open to finding God in unexpected places that I continue to mature in my faith and at the same time to find really interesting subject matter for films. It is a blessing that my interest in film and my faith have come together to form such an interesting life path.”

Catholic People Magazine Father Edward Siebert

Fr. Eddie with Carol Rowe of the Catholic Education Consortium and Kathleen Kelly of Loyola Productions.