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12 Catholics To Watch in 2012: Monsignor Craig A. Cox


For Monsignor Craig A. Cox, life is a response to God’s call.

“Being Catholic is who I am – my faith is the center of my life. First and foremost, I want to be open to God’s plan, God’s will.”

Catholic People Magazine Monsignor Craig Cox

Monsignor Craig A. Cox

The Rector and President of St. John’s Seminary, his entire life has been dedicated to living his faith in fidelity to God’s call and the needs of the Church.

“Being Catholic is being a disciple of Jesus Christ in a communion of fellow disciples…It is a universal communion that exists worldwide, includes all human cultures, adopts what is good in them and challenges what is contrary to the gospel in any and all of them. Catholics take seriously the fact that God has reached out to human beings in our very humanity – body and soul.”

On a personal level, “faith has taught me to see God’s presence in the midst of life, to see the face of Jesus in every human being, to have a special compassion for those who suffer…to cherish truth, justice, goodness and beauty…to appreciate that forgiving is of the essence of the gospel – it has shaped my value system in ways very different than those of our all too materialistic world.”

Catholic People Magazine Monsignor Craig Cox

Monsignor Cox known to most as “Fr. Craig” reminds the audience of the importance of forming great priests at St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo.

As a Catholic to watch in 2012, his chief goal is to make St. John’s Seminary the best seminary possible, so that the seminarians receive an excellent formation to help them discern their calling. “And, if indeed it is a calling to priesthood, to give them an excellent foundation for living faithful, holy, fruitful priestly lives. As part of accomplishing this, I want to continue building the quality of our faculty, enhance our programs, and build a financial base that allows us to do what is necessary to provide excellence.”

Catholic People Magazine Monsignor Craig Cox

Monsignor Craig Cox, Rector/ President of St. John’s Seminary, presents Cardinal William Levada a picture of the Chapel at St. John’s, during the Cardinal’s recent visit to Los Angeles from Rome.